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I completed my code and allowed it to run the function I needed. Once my code was completed I had to debug a few issues to get it to work completely. Once I had debugged I was able to finish my written task for the coding creation portion. Once I finished the written task I worked on the downloaded pdf code and editing the pdf with circles and squares marking my functions required. Once I did this I recorded the final code being run and submitted it along with the rest of my work.
In conclusion, it would have been nice to be able to do this with help at school and in a classroom setting, but being hit with COVID things had to change. Lots of distractions took me away from this project both at home and online with teachers constantly bombarding me with work on a daily basis.

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        I began writing my code by importing my needed essentials like os, time, and termcolors at first. I started by writing a simple greeting function, that the user can input their name into. I created the function with a simple input-output. The title bar is using color so the program comes out appealing. I am going to continue developing my menu to perform the functions of the agenda.

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        I came up with the idea to make a code based on running a personal agenda system for any user. I figured this would relate similarly to our ice cream code example and would fit the needed criteria by College Board. I plan for the code to run as a menu function with the ability to store input for seven days a week for the user. Each user will be able to enter their name and store information as themselves. The user can create a personalized output with their name and information. The user will ultimately be able to access the stored information easily by asking for it on the menu function with a selected key.

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        I began writing my title bar for the introduction to my code. I used colored text to welcome the user then prompted the user to enter their name into the code. Once the user's name is entered, they are welcomed to their personalized agenda and can begin storing and accessing the different functions.

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         The written task…

Amazon Ring

The ring camera lawsuit has been recently covered in the news, the coverage has brought concerns to what ring is doing to prevent cybersecurity attacks.  My personal opinion on this topic is that not only the company can take some blame but also consumers themselves have to be responsible for using these cameras inside homes.  Cameras like ring run on secured servers requiring a password, ring should advise users to use strong passwords with two-factor authentication. Users need to work on making more secure accounts and not revealing information like passwords. Companies need to work on improving security risks by advising users to create stronger less hackable accounts. 

Mercedes Self Driving Car

The Mercedes new autonomous vehicle brings a interesting perspective on how coding of these vehicles will be written for the future. Mercedes has decided to create the vehicle to have no ethical decision making, and save the driver every time. This ideology is not bad in my opinion because having a computer decide how to ethically think is very challenging. The cars made to save the driver, no matter what the decision is that it makes. I believe more technology in the future will come to create a better response, but for the time being it's a good system.


The ethics of data collection have become more and more broad ruled to the average web user. The amount of website's privacy polices we follow by on a daily basis is unbelievable and often we never even realize we are consenting to these policies. A new concern is Google's project Nightingale that collects medical records provided with "consent" that most users never realize they have given. The ethics behind companies collecting this personal information is coming under investigation by many agencies. Web users very rarely read through a privacy policy, we often just submit to it without thinking twice. All though these policies may surprise you with the collection and use of your data being sold or transferred somewhere other than that companies site.  Next time you are sharing critical or private information, read up on where it's being shared it might surprise you!

Explore Task

Yesterday working on my explore task I accomplished a good portion of my research section of the explore task. I plan on doing self driving ships, and the autonomous vehicles of the marine environment. In class I watched videos and read research articles on my topic. The videos I watched discussed the information I am collecting and provided visuals to further explain.  Tomorrow I look to continue my research and get close to finishing the first part of the explore task and have information ready to go with sources